Service Capabilities

Chiller Service

If you operate a chiller, you already know that it is a sophisticated piece of equipment – one that takes a special type of technician to maintain it. Geo. H. Wilson’s specialists have been trained and certified to service and repair all types of chillers, regardless of manufacturer, size or compressor configuration. In fact, many of our Chiller specialists come directly from the manufacturers so they know the equipment inside and out and have a unique perspective, different from most Mechanical contractors.

Equipment Repairs

Whether it is an equipment failure requiring an emergency repair or an issue discovered during regular maintenance, be assured that Geo. H. Wilson will complete repairs quickly and expertly at a fair price. GHW understands that whether you manage a critical Data Center or an office building, your production is severely impacted when the environment is not maintained. With our web based field quoting system, our highly qualified techs can diagnose an issue, quote in the field, and send price proposals to customers within minutes for approvals. With approvals from the customer, the tech can repair the problem on the spot and get the systems back up and running with minimum impact on operations.

Mechanical Retrofits

Geo. H. Wilson’s robust HVAC talents and resources are unique in the industry. Not only can we provide routine maintenance and repairs, but we can diagnose mechanical issues and even self- perform the most complex Mechanical Retrofits. These retrofits are quickly and efficiently completed using all in-house engineering, sheet metal, piping and all labor resources. Included in these mechanical retrofits are upgrades or total replacements of all equipment including chillers, compressors, cooling towers, air handlers, fan walls, boilers, etc.

Plumbing Service

Geo. H. Wilson has a well-established and experienced plumbing service department providing comprehensive solutions to building owners and occupants across the region. Our team has experience handling plumbing projects with a range of sizes and complexity. We ensure that your system will run efficiently and deliver the best possible results tailored to your unique needs.

Periodic maintenance is the most important activity to protect the ROI of your plumbing assets, ensure system efficiency and uptime and maximize the life of your equipment. Our team can help your facility qualify for available government incentives by implementing methods to lower water usage. With GHW as your service partner, you benefit from decades of engineering expertise and industry-leading technical knowledge.

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