Since 1921, owners and builders throughout the Central Coast have selected Geo. H. Wilson to design, install, and maintain their mechanical projects. As an affiliate of ACCO Engineered Systems, we are an employee-owned family of companies dedicated to the design, fabrication, installation, maintenance and service of commercial HVAC, refrigeration, plumbing, process piping and building automation systems. This integrated delivery system provides customers with the most practical, cost-effective solutions for their particular mechanical and control system requirements.

We focus beyond the initial installation to ensure your system is designed to last and function reliably for many years under varying conditions and requirements. Our engineers utilize the experience of our commissioning and service professionals to design systems that will be serviceable and perform efficiently for the long term.

Whether your project is a low or high-rise office building, a shopping mall, school, higher education, hospital, semi-conductor fabrication facility, or pharmaceutical manufacturing plan, Geo. H. Wilson can design, build, install, and maintain mechanical systems to meet your needs.

Project Management

When we accept a job, we accept all the responsibility that goes with it. A Project Manager supervises the project from the initial contact through conceptual studies, engineering design, energy studies, sales, and construction (including final start-up and balancing). The responsibility continues through final acceptance and the warranty period.

For your project, a Geo. H. Wilson Project Manager will be your personal representative. This individual is your contact from the inception of your project through completion and turnover. Your Project Manager’s responsibility is to get your job completed on time and on budget.

Our parent company, ACCO Engineered Systems, pioneered this single source of responsibility to assure that we adhere strictly to all of the project requirements, quality demands and time schedules. As a result, we meet your deadlines. The success of this approach has made us the largest and best mechanical contractor on the West Coast.

Keeping on schedule requires a large amount of up-to-date information. We maintain a computerized database on all projects to allow project managers to have immediate access to up-to-date labor reports, equipment and materials status, and time and cost accounting.

Geo. H. Wilson has successfully completed projects of every variety; from simple warehouse installations to complex facilities requiring the most advanced technological skills.

We can work with an engineer of your choice to develop and analyze systems for your project, or you can utilize our in-house engineering resources to design the system for your project that meets your quality and budget requirements. In both cases, we guarantee price, performance, and schedule.


To facilitate cost evaluation, we have computerized and digitized estimating systems to provide:

  • Speed and accuracy
  • Material list and quantity printouts
  • Generic take-off for any type of system and various materials
  • “What if” situations for evaluating alternatives
  • Tracking of revisions and changes for complete cost evaluation
  • Feedback for scheduling
  • Material pricing is updated weekly
  • Interactive with CADD and CAM for increased productivity


Geo. H. Wilson’s commissioning program ensures that the performance of installed equipment and its peripheral systems operate at their peak performance by adhering to the design specifications for which the systems were designed.

  • NEBB Certified – Air & Water Balancing
  • Re-Commissioning (Point-To-Point)
  • Assessment of As-Built Systems & Specifications
  • Retro-Commissioning of DDC Controls
  • Assessment of the system’s capabilities
  • Design / Build Solutions to Optimize Energy Efficiency
  • Development of Algorithms with performance-driven strategies
  • Calibration, Trending and Optimization of Critical Systems
  • Root Cause Analysis of Existing Building Issues
  • All Work performed by in-house specialized technicians
Benefits of Commissioning:
  • Environmental Improvements
  • Occupant Comfort, Indoor Air Quality
  • Energy & Sustainability Attributes
  • Energy Star Rating, LEED® Credits
  • Energy & Atmosphere
  • Indoor Environmental Quality
  • Incentive Rebates Eligibility
  • Retro-Commissioning Program
  • SPC Program (Calculated Approach)


Geo. H. Wilson maintains a full-time, and trained rigging crew. Listed below are just a few of the many benefits of having a specialized in-house rigging department:

  • Focused Training
  • Comprehensive Safety Program
  • Control of Specialty Equipment
  • Extensive Experience
  • Familiarity with Local Codes
  • Proven Pre-Planning Checklist
  • Team Environment

Rigging can be one of the most safety-critical construction operations. Our rigging department takes special care to ensure that things are done correctly and safely every time. Our rigging equipment is inspected, tested and certified on a regular basis, as well as stored properly when not in use. We use fully equipped rigging trucks, eliminating the prospect of not having the right tool.

It is not uncommon for members of a rigging crew to perform different jobs in their position. One day they may be joining copper pipes, and the next day they may be lifting chillers weighing more than 20 tons to the roof of a building. This is never the case at Geo. H. Wilson. Our rigging crew is dedicated solely to rigging, which means that they are experts in their trade, and customers can rest assured that the crew working on their project is made up of only the most highly skilled workers.

Scheduling rigs through Geo. H. Wilson’s rigging department assures proper pre-planning. The correct permits will be in place, traffic plans will be coordinated, affected parties will be notified, and the end result will be satisfaction for all parties.

Whether by crane, helicopter or rolling in by dolly, our rigging crew is trained and equipped to perform the task safely and correctly every time

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