Construction Capabilities


At the core of every HVAC system is ductwork. At Geo. H. Wilson, our projects encompass a wide spectrum, ranging from straightforward package unit installations to the most sophisticated and high-tech systems. We make use of a variety of duct materials, such as galvanized sheet metal, stainless steel, aluminum, fiberglass, black iron, and even specialized materials employed in intricate chemical exhaust and scrubber systems for high-tech applications.

Our ductwork comes in various shapes, including rectangular, round, and oval. Occasionally, unique shapes, like triangular ductwork, are necessary for specific projects. All of our duct systems are produced within our fabrication shop and are expertly installed by our sheet metal department. No matter how intricate a duct-related challenge may be, our skilled sheet metal teams have the expertise and resources to handle it. Geo. H. Wilson is fully equipped for any HVAC project, no matter the complexity.


Geo. H. Wilson’s Pipe Pre-Fabrication shops are foundational to our Piping Department. Innovation, efficiency and precision are our top priorities. Using the most modern, state of the art welding and material handling equipment helps us deliver a product with superior value. We uses plasma cutters to guarantee absolute accuracy and consistent cutting of material.

Computerized detailing and coordination have become the standard at Geo. H. Wilson. Our use of 3-D modeling and clash detection software saves countless hours in the field. Our CAD detailers possess decades of field experience and have first-hand knowledge of how to draw and construct a project. You can rest assured that your project is in good hands. Geo. H. Wilson can handle any piping project, large or small, simple or complex. Contact GHW for all your piping needs.


Geo. H. Wilson’s plumbing department is a comprehensive team, consisting of designers, skilled tradespeople, project managers, and support staff. They possess the capability to handle projects of all sizes, types, and complexities, utilizing the latest technology to guide a project from its initial concept to its successful completion.

Our clients demand quality, speed, and efficiency. To accommodate this need, we have a dedicated pre-fabrication shop located in Santa Cruz. These spaces enable us to produce pre-built sections of plumbing systems, equipment skids and finish within a controlled environment that was designed to utilize LEAN production principles, maximizing our effective production levels. Materials can be stored in advance to eliminate delays due to access to materials. Completed prefabricated materials are delivered to the job using Just-In-Time Delivery, minimizing the impact to the project, and producing float on even the most ambitious construction schedules.

Process Piping

Geo. H. Wilson’s process piping department complements our HVAC and plumbing groups to provide complete mechanical services for the technology and industrial markets. Geo. H. Wilson is ready to take responsibility for any phase of the project, from design through installation and commissioning. We are your one source of responsibility for a properly functioning process facility.

Architectural Sheet Metal

At Geo. H. Wilson, we understand that aesthetics can be just as important as functionality. Our skilled craft workers are highly trained and experienced with fabricating and customizing materials for complex metal projects no matter the size of the project. We strive to meet the needs of our customers ensuring that our work is built to last. The modern and sleek style can be used in exterior and interior structures, for commercial businesses or residential homes. Our sheet metal work can be used for roofs, siding, paneling, trim work, wainscoting, backsplashes, hoods and countertops spanning across various industries including education, laboratories, breweries, factories, healthcare, and more.

From design to fabrication to installation, GHW has it covered. Our team partners with skilled engineers and architects to create a design that meets the needs of every project. GHW’s sheet metal shop is equipped with cutting-edge technology to craft the most complex assemblies. During this process, our craftsman cut, form, assemble, weld, and finish the pieces, ensuring the quality of each piece fabricated. Following the completion of the fabrication process, we hand off the assembled pieces to our expert team of installers to finish the job. Our Project Managers assist our clients through each step of the process to ensure that the project meets and exceeds expectations.


One of the most important factors in controlling cost and quality in the mechanical contracting industry is to have a state-of-the-art fabrication facility, to employ highly trained workers to operate this facility, and to provide ongoing training to these workers. GHW is at the forefront of these endeavors. In order to effectively serve our work areas, Geo. H. Wilson has established an advanced computer-aided fabrication facility in Santa Cruz. This facility is responsible for producing sheet metal and pre-fabricated HVAC, plumbing, and process piping through welding and grooving processes.

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