Veterans Memorial Building | Watsonville, CA

In response to the COVID-19 Shelter-In-Place orders issued by the health officer of Santa Cruz County, the General Services Department contacted our plumbing superintendent to respond to an emergency request to convert a portion of the Watsonville Veterans Hall into (10) showers for a new homeless shelter.

Project Requirements

Due to the urgency of the need, the work needed to be completed in 1-week. We consulted with San Jose Boilers to provide a rental boiler skid and materials supplier Ferguson to procure (10) fiberglass showers from various Northern California sources. Additionally, we were requested to incorporate improvements to the building’s ventilation system.

What Geo. H. Wilson Delivered

Our crew responded immediately with COVID-19 precautions in place, alongside multiple trades to successfully install all (10) showers within 6 days. The work included setting a temporary boiler, installation of gas and cold water piping, installation of insulated hot water and hot water return lines in conjunction with waste and vent piping. We utilized an available fan and existing operable windows in addition to duct and registers to address removal of the hot, moist air generated by the showers. The usage of the temporary boilers continued for 5 months, at which time it was converted to a permanent install between the County of Watsonville and San Jose Boiler. We completed the project with improved cost savings from the original budget including (2) extra months of boiler rental. Our team’s response and performance was instrumental in achieving project success.

Project Team

Owner: County of Santa Cruz
General Contractor: Geo. H Wilson
Mechanical Contractor: Geo. H Wilson

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