UCSC Physical Science Building | Santa Cruz, CA

UC Santa Cruz was founded in 1965. It has evolved from a group of multiple colleges focusing on liberal arts, to a full-fledged campus with emphasis on computer and physical sciences. In 2004 we were contacted by construction manager, Nova Partners, to complete the mechanical work for a new physical sciences building. In 2005, a second phase of the work was managed by Devon Construction to complete the mechanical tenant improvements.

Project Requirements

Due to the circumstances, Geo. H. Wilson worked closely with both the construction manager and general contractor to complete the assigned work on behalf of a surety company that was forced to step in. Thorough documentation was required to complete the shell and tenant improvements for the 60,000 sq. ft. steel and concrete structure.

What Geo. H. Wilson Delivered

Our Sheet Metal Department completed installation of a rooftop fume exhaust system comprised of 32”-80” round and 60” x 72” rectangular 316-L stainless steel duct. 150,000 lbs. of sheet metal ranging between 10 and 16 gauge. This system provided central exhaust for multiple labs with Phoenix Controls.

Our Plumbing Department completed the plumbing infrastructure and specific process piping requirements to meet individual lab specifications. The two jobs combined were completed in 17 months. Geo. H. Wilson led coordination of the MEP team throughout the process.

Project Team

Owner: The Regents of the University of California
Architect: Anshen & Allen Architects
Construction Manager: Nova Partners
Mechanical & Structural Engineer: Ove & Arup Partners
Mechanical Contractor: Geo. H Wilson

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